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"Summer has helped me establish good habits that I can use for the rest of my life.  My palette has changed; I've stopped craving "something sweet" and now crave specific foods. I enjoy eating more now because I'm paying closer attention to what I eat.  I don't think about exercising as much anymore. I go do it.

Summer is not a personal trainer trying to get before and after photos of you. She is an advisor who cares about your well being, whether that's your relationship to your body, food, exercise, or your mental health."

-Amelia S, painter, production designer

"As someone who's been frustrated trying to navigate eating well with a busy lifestyle, Summer has been a godsend. Admittedly, I'm a bit of a workaholic, but after attending Summer's Mythbusters workshop in February, I decided to sign up with her. During our initial consultation, I was already feeling more at ease. Summer's intuition, knowledge and supportive disposition immediately helped me see the bigger picture about my life and wellness. By our second session, Summer very accurately diagnosed my patterns and nutrition loopholes, and together we crafted a strategy to get me back on track: prepping meals for the week, having actual meals as opposed to snacking all day, watching hidden sugar, etc. Most importantly though, Summer helped me find a greater connection to my spiritual self, by requesting that I consciously block off time to disengage from work and technology - without excuses! It was scary at first, but I already feel more balanced and happier."                   

-Jeremy B, actor, writer, producer, business owner

"Mindful of my lifestyle, a great listener, helpful in all things, grounded, kind."                            -Ally D, actress, singer, account executive

"Summer’s program is sure to make a difference in your life. By helping with assessing one’s current situation/habits, she is able to write the roadmap for the whole journey, keeping things easy to navigate. This program profoundly affected me, and for that I’ll always be grateful. Summer is a miracle worker!"

-Maxton W, composer

"Summer has a compassionate insight into the struggle many of us have in our efforts to keep our relationship with diet and exercise in a healthy perspective. "

-Meredith B, Yoga Instructor

"I highly recommend working with Summer as she will work hard for you and genuinely cares about you and your well-being. Her optimism is infectious and while she takes everything very seriously, she has fun while doing it.  It's the best combination!  She has a strong work ethic and a huge heart."

-Gretchen R, Yoga Teacher, Owner and Director of Mark Blanchard's Progressive Power Yoga 

"I'm a doctor, bodyworker and movement teacher. I have worked with Summer in several professional contexts. In all of them, she demonstrates professionalism of the highest caliber. As a health coach with my clients, Summer impresses me with her ability to listen with the whole self. Her presence and attention is something you can feel. She picks up nuances of meaning and details in a story that others would miss. Along with her empathy comes compassion. Summer's point of view is that of an equal who is as much her clients' student as she is their teacher and coach. She understands the physical and emotional suffering that can be part of health and diet challenges. Summer has many resources to draw on. If something doesn't work, she shifts gears and comes up with something else to do. That makes you feel safe trying new things. An invaluable gift is that Summer makes change manageable. Many of my clients with health and diet challenges alternate between compulsive overdoing and depressive apathy. They blame themselves for their suffering, and that leads to a cycle of desperation and despair. It's good to have a coach who can help you find your own self-sustaining course through the mysteries and pitfalls of self-improvement. Summer is that professional. I recommend Summer without reservation to anybody who want private health and diet coaching."

-George Russell, D.C.