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Mealtime Makeover

Work with Summer to makeover your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and bridge snacks.  We’ll clean out your pantry if necessary, address meal prep and grocery shopping, and navigate the healthy eating challenges that come with your personal lifestyle.  This program is great for those who’d like to eat healthier but don’t know where to start, or need a little nudging.  Also great for those who want to be healthy, but face challenges like frequent travel or odd work hours.

Weight Loss

The Summer Simone Wellness weight loss program sets out to examine and improve upon your nutrition, sleep, and exercise habits.  We will also likely look at your relationships, career, and spirituality since these components can impact your metabolism and physiology as well as your relationship to food.  We’ll make incremental changes, a little at each session, to release weight and create a sustainable lifestyle that ultimately puts you at your set weight and keeps you there.

Lifestyle Diet Coaching

 This program is for those who would like guidance with a lifestyle diet such as vegan, paleo, keto, or gluten-free.  Whether you’re already doing it and need some coaching, or are trying something for the first time, having an expert coach to discuss challenges with, provide resources and be accountable to can really make a difference in how much success you experience.

The Hot Mama // The Hot Papa

 Being a parent is no joke. The Hot Mama / Hot Papa program supports parents who want to get back on the health and wellness train.  We’ll look at nutrition, sleep, and exercise, focusing on creating systems and using tools that are effective, simple, and do-able. 


The healing program is for those who are facing exhaustion, anxiety, mild eating disorders, or looking to heal conditions like SIBO, PCOS, or an autoimmune disease.  There is hope, and you are not alone.  Summer will be there for you, supporting you through this scary and uncertain time using science backed research, positive psychology, and plenty of loving kindness.  Content will be case-specific, but we will likely be helping you slow down and recover with positivity, strength, and abundance, while taking appropriate action steps to encourage recovery. 

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-Initial consultation is always free

-Programs are $130-150/month

-Payments can be made monthly, or in full up front. You must be paid up in order to have your session.

-Payments can be made by using Venmo or writing a check