Staying Healthy While Traveling


I recently took a trip to Las Vegas to celebrate my Dad’s birthday.  I had an awesome time and overall didn’t have much of an issue staying healthy-- but I was certainly reminded how spoiled I am living in Los Angeles, the world mecca of healthy eating.  Here are my travel tips for staying healthy and balanced while out of town:

1)    Adjust your expectations, my sweet modern neurotics.  Know the pool you’re swimming in.  You will probably not be able to maintain the same standards for clean eating that you do at home.  And that’s OK.  If you have one non-negotiable thing—fine.  Try to keep it at one.

2)    Get a sweat sesh in.  It will feel good to move after driving in a car or sitting on a plane.  You’re also likely to improve your quality of sleep by working out, which can be hard to come by in an unfamiliar environment.

3)    Pack your favorite healthy snacks.  I am always encouraging my clients to eat balanced, healthy meals and ditch the packaged snacks.  However, there can be travel scenarios that are out of your control—you get in late and nowhere is open, or you can’t eat a healthy meal when you get the biological cues to because you have a dinner scheduled later that you’re saving your appetite for.  In these cases, a bridge snack is going to help you lower your cortisol levels and regulate your appetite. 

4)    If you have non-negotiable, complicated food restrictions, get an Airbnb with a kitchen so you can buy groceries, have access to a fridge, and prepare food at home.

5)    When you’re indulging, keep portion size in mind and do your best to pick one indulgence at a time (a cocktail with dinner OR dessert—not both).  Split entrées at restaurants.  It’s likely to be a lot of food and you may not be able to take home leftovers.

It’s possible to have an awesome time without feeling like sh*t.  Come prepared, calibrate your expectations, enjoy in moderation, and don’t sweat the small stuff.

Xo, S


Health Coach Approved Travel Snack List



Chopped Celery, Carrots, Red Peppers

Coconut Chips

Kale Chips (easy to make at home)

Pea Crisps

Chips / Crackers / Rice Cakes


Bars- Julian Bakery's Paleo Protein Bars, Primal Kitchen, Bulletproof, or Kalumi

Oatmega cookies

Phat fudge

Dark Chocolate

Individual Protein Powder packets- mix with water, tea, or coffee.


Individual Nut Butter packets

Jerky Snacks (EPIC brand is great)