The 12-Hour Overnight Fast


In this month’s article, I’d like to introduce the 12-hour overnight fast.  I personally practice this whenever I can, and I recommend it for clients who are interested in weight loss and detoxification.  It’s not as intimidating as it sounds and should be safe for most.  I also propose this as a more balanced and stable way to get the detoxifying benefits of a juice cleanse.

The practice is allowing 12 hours between dinner and the following morning’s breakfast.  So if you finish dinner by 8pm, don’t eat breakfast until 8am the following day. 

It takes your body 6-8 hours to digest your food.  Once that process is complete, the extra time between meals allows for detoxification because your cells are no longer occupied with digestion, and fat burn-- since you’re no longer burning your last meal for energy your body will begin to burn fat.  Keep your sugar (glucose) intake down at your last meal to further encourage overnight fat burn.

This practice comes with a Big Health Coach Caveat!  I need you to be reasonable and do what makes sense for you first, and shoot for the 12-hour overnight fast second.  If you wake up starving and you’re on hour 10, DO NOT WAIT to eat until you hit 12 hours.  You will only aggravate your cortisol (stress hormone) levels if you remain in a starving state!  And then you are likely to overeat, especially carbs and sugar, once you finally allow yourself.  So only do the 12-hour fast if it’s fairly comfortable for you.  Another example- if you workout in the morning and feel faint during workouts unless you have a little something beforehand, please have that little something even if you haven’t hit 12 hours yet.  Make sense?  Respond to your body first—that’s more important than doing a thing you read about online.  Cool??

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