Everyone wants to do better at the top of the new year—right on.  No matter what individual goals you are working towards, here are some health coach hints for setting yourself up for success:
1. COME OUT OF THE CLOSET with your health goals.  Your friends and family cannot read your mind and will not know that your priorities, and therefore behaviors, have shifted unless you let them know!!  This seems to come up for my clients when an event is taking place, or special visitors are in town, and there’s big concern and anxiety around fulfilling expectations.  How do you nip the drama in the bud?  You communicate your desire to exercise daily, drink less alcohol, cook more at home, whatever it is.  Allow yourself to be pleasantly surprised by your clan’s reactions—
I bet they can’t wait to support you. 
2. GO SLOW and steady to win the race.  I do not recommend dramatically shifting your diet all at once, even for a short or set period of time.  You don’t want your taste buds and hormones going in to “revenge mode” when the diet is over!  I’d rather you strive for an overall healthy lifestyle, implementing a little bit every day, one meal at a time.  Start by making over your breakfast.  Once you have that down, move onto lunch.  Then dinner.
3. GET ACQUAINTED WITH THE GROCERY STORE.  It’s easy to make healthy choices when your fridge is full of em. 
4. MAKE CUSTOM MENUS for yourself.  Only balanced, healthy options make the cut.  Create a menu for each meal you eat at home—breakfast, lunch, dinner—and put on the fridge where you’ll see.  I also recommend creating a compilation take-out menu, full of healthy options from the various places you like to order.  The plethora of choice is empowering,
and you’ve set up a no-fail situation for yourself.   
5. F*** GOALS, USE SYSTEMS.  No idea what I’m talking about?  Book your free session today, we’ll sort it all out!
Peace and love,