Hello Darling, Shall We Get Fresh?  



Looking for a few simple ways to encourage detoxification between holiday parties without thrusting yourself into deprivation mode?  Simply remember the phrase Hello Darling, Shall We Get Fresh?   

H = HYDRATE with water!

D = DIGEST your food completely.  Allowing 4-6 hours between meals without snacking is ideal for your system.

S= SLEEP for 7-8 hours a night.

W = WORKOUT to burn off the excess glucose in your system / make room in your muscles for future glucose storage.

G= GREEN up your plate.  Leafy green vegetables help your body produce antioxidants that repair cell damage from the environment, are anti-inflammatory, and encourage a healthy microbiome.

F = FAST reasonably for 12 hours overnight.  Meaning if you finish dinner at 8pm, don’t eat breakfast the next day until 8am.  Do-able, yes?

Let me know how this works for you!!

-Coach Summer