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Lifestyle Based.  My program is not a quick-fix.  We won’t be putting you on any dramatic 3/7/21 day diets.  For every deprivation, there is an equal and opposite binge waiting to happen.  Plus, studies have shown that calorie restriction can mess with your hunger hormones and metabolism years after the restrictive period has ceased (1, 2).  Instead, we will be working together to elevate your set point, so that the way you eat all the time becomes cleaner and more nutritious.  Change is child’s play.  What I do is work with my clients to create shifts in thought patterns and behavior, and develop systems and tools that are flexible and holistic.

I Work for You.  Got preferences?  Tell me! Non-negotiables?  We’ll work with it.  If you are a person who does Not have time to cook, if you’re strictly vegan, if boozy brunch is part of who you are, then sister I will not take that away from you!  I pride myself on working with what you have going rather than telling you everything must go.  

90/10.  I like for my clients to apply the 90/10 principle to the way they eat.  90% of the time, we adhere to nutritious, health-coach approved, blood sugar balancing meals.  10% of the time, we have the option to throw the rules out the window. Because… ice cream :)